Bee-in, qui Sommes nous ?

Incentive Essence

Tailor-made corporate trips, seminars, teambuilding,
coworkers or clients rewards…

About us

About us

A young and creative agency, made of travelling lovers and experts to offer the finest approach of your specific needs. We elaborate brand infused travel incentives, seminars, reward programs, team building and other trips around the world for your coworkers or your most loyal clients !

Young but no beginner, Bee-In is the result of almost 10 years of travel experience… The origin ? Juliette REMY, beekeeper daughter, globe-trotter and MICE expert… Our mission ? Find hidden pearls, treat them in an exclusive approach, to give a unique dimension to your next incentive !

You need to travel to scrub and file your brain against others’

Montaigne, Humanist Philosopher
The Hiv’attitude

A quick insight of the hiv’attitude  !

Like the coworkers of a company, each Bee must occupy a precise function and make sure to be in harmony with her fellow creature, to communicate efficiently in a healthy and friendly kind of way… The aim ? Guarantee a honey production that will not only enable her to feed the hive but also produce enough to feed mankind…

In order to provide refined, rare or specific-flower-oriented honeys,  the beekeeper turns into a tour operator  and organises transhumance tours  depending on the season and flowering… Did you get the parallel ? Bee-In stands for original, innovative, avant-garde… We wish to surf on that very same wave to turn a coprorate trip into a factor of performance, growth and innovation !

Fresh updates

séminaire au Monténégro

Séminaire mer et montagne au Monténégro

Quick facts : 55 collaborateurs, 5 jours / 4 nuits, un offsite annuel mêlant business, aventure et dépaysement pour les équipes de Luni, au cœur du Monténégro Pouvoir mixer mer et ...
Offsite en Provence au Hameau de Montrieux

Séminaire RSE régénératif en Provence

Quick facts : 50 consultants, 3 jours / 2 nuits, un séminaire RSE régénératif pour booster les équipes de consultants Suricats Consulting, cabinet B-Corp spécialisé sur le conseil en transformation ...
retraite entre colloborateurs en bord de mer

C’est la rentrée, partez à la retraite !

À la rentrée, les collaborateurs se retrouvent avec un cerveau saturé d’informations et d’injonctions. Comment prendre du recul, penser au futur, trouver de l’inspiration… Et si partir pour une retraite ...